Cake Software foundation advance and training level course

The Cake Php course is recognized by the Cake Software Foundations which is provided by the developer community. It helps in improving knowledge along with improving skills when it comes to using the Cake Php.

The standard Cake Php 2 is a training course that is for just 4-5 hours in duration and offers a short pause mid-session. The course is also accompanied with a live example application. Also, at Ambiciative Education Pvt ltd offers live example application. We also conduct video streaming and chat sessions during the lockdown so that the students does not get any bad affect on his studies.

The training session also covers the following topics with areas of framework

  • Setting up for any development
  • Cake PhP 2 project file structure
  • Framework configurations
  • Cake Php 2 conventions
  • Baking your first project
  • Understanding scaffolding
  • Using models, properties, associations, validations
  • Retrieving data
  • Saving the data

Standard Cake Php 3 training course

The Standard Cake Php 3 training course is also designed for developers that is new to framework. It also have limited knowledge of MVC application development which gives a head start with getting most out of version 3.0. The session is around 4-5 hours in duration while the course is accompanied by live example application. It is conducted with video streaming along with chat which helps with direct access for resolving any queries.

Advanced Cake Php 3 training course

The advanced Cake Php 3 training course is aimed with developers that has version 3.0 framework. It also helps in having further development of knowledge along with skills building applications. The few of the course details are:

  • Configuring environments
  • Working with migrations
  • Creating console shells
  • Error and exception handling
  • Working with L18N and L10N
  • Creating behaviour
  • Complex find scenarios
  • Working with view cells and much more
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