Node Js Course

Node Js Course the most suitable real time applications

The Node Js Course is known to be one of the most sophisticated course that is based on JavaScript and is widely used as a programming language. We at Ambiciative Education Pvt Ltd teach through most significant ways. If one wants to known more about it one could understand that it helps developers in quick and scalable network applications. Also, it helps with non-blocking, event driven I/O Model that helps in working with efficient and lightweight medium. The Node Js is most suitable to build real time applications and also require lots of data that runs through various distributed machines.

Benefits of Node Js

The benefits of Node Js is many and it helps in the best possible ways to work with various computer programming. It is easy to run it on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux and can be run through Node Js runtime. Also, it helps with working on extensive library of JavaScript modules. We help you to learn and become a software developer with the help of Node.Js in a quick and easy manner.

Features of Node Js

Some of the common features of Node js Course are:

Event-driven and asynchronous: The API’s of Node js library are non-blocking and you do not have to wait for an API to return any data.

Highly scalable: the Node Js is a single-threaded model and helps server respond in a non-blocking manner. It helps provide the service through a large number of quantity that helps requests to any traditional server.

Open Source: It is an open source programming methods and has largest library of modules and tools.

Why learning Node js is necessary?

  • In demand skill
  • It simplifies building applications
  • Future ready program
  • Perfect for micro-services

We teach not only the Basics of Node Js course but also intrinsic development of Network applications making you a best software programmer.

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What We Cover in Node Js Cource

1. NodeJS - Introduction

2. Node Module System

3. Understanding NPM (Node Package Manager)

4. Building RESTful API's Using Express

5. Express - Advanced Topics

6. Asynchronous JavaScript

7. CRUD Operations Using MongoDB

8. Mongoose - Data Validation

9. Mongoose- Modeling Relationships Between Connected Data

10. Authentication and Authorization

11. Handling and Logging Errors

12. Projects - E-Commerce Web Application With ReactJS